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What Plan supporters say

“I’m really glad I got an opportunity to come and see the work you guys are doing. As you mentioned earlier, in most cases we don't really get to see how the donations are being utilized. Personally, I think this was a great idea as such visits are a great way for donors to feel involved and gain a deeper insight into the projects you have undertaken and the progress you are making.     Even though mom wasn't able to make it to the visit, I made it a point to share my thoughts from the visit and told her about your work and the difference you are making to the children and to the community. She was very pleased to learn more about the organization and definitely intends to continue supporting you guys.” Nandita Bansal, daughter of a Plan Donor

“As an active NGO member prior to getting associated with Plan, I wanted to see and visit the community centers where these funds are eventually used. I believe Plan-Doorsteps have been doing fulfilling work in these underprivileged and so far unrecognised areas. I would say, pretty satisfied after seeing.” Vishal Nibhani, Plan Donor

"Plan India is doing a very good work. On a visit to their site in Bandra, I was amazed at the difference Plan India is making by supporting & monitoring smaller NGOs, who might find it difficult to raise funds themselves. By donating to Plan India, I feel assured that my money is being deployed where it is needed." Ms. Kanak Prabha, Plan Donor

“Delighted to see all the work being done, especially with the special kids, it was great interacting with the trainers and the mothers as well. The Bal Panchayat was the highlight of the visit, to see the confidence and the can do attitude of the kids and the real change that seems to have emanated down through them is truly wonderful. Keep up the good work. I would love to volunteer for any programme or activity possible.”  Deepak Datwani, Plan Donor

“Good work is being done; need to tackle many more related issues on a broader scale. I am sure it will happen in good time.” Ms Manali Vengsarkar, Plan Donor

“Very good experience seeing a project is actually the only motivator to be a supporter which Plan India as only country can use.”  Ms. Esther Lennaerts, Plan Donor

"Excellent Plan Baliga project is wonderful. You are doing a nice job in creating a better society. Awareness and upliftment of children and women is must for any developed or developing civilization. Keep up the good work we fully support you." Om Prakash Sharma, Plan Donor

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